10 Incredible Ways to Choose Your Prom Dress

Do you have a prom date marked on the calendar and are you worried about not finding the right dress? Are you afraid of not making the right choice or simply do not know where to start? Becoming the perfect guests is our primary goal as soon as we set a date on the horizon – be it a prom, wedding, an event or graduation. After this, we take out all our “logistic arsenal” willing to find the ideal prom dress for the occasion, with which we leave the people speechless. Pages of magazines marked, webs saved, several Pinterest boards and Instagram accounts scrutinized … and all for what? Do not miss a millimeter and find the most spectacular evening prom dress!

Are you going to start your search? Well, if you do not want any loose ends, before you cinch to the stores or buy prom dresses online, keep in mind these 10 tips that we are going to give you, they are infallible!

1. The Event

It is a fundamental parameter that you have to keep in mind to dresses online. You are looking for a perfect style for prom. And is that, many times we forget the type of event to which we will go and sin by excess or default. For example, you will have to ignore the white color and be a cheery protagonist. Meditate your choice beforehand. Remember to weigh this point!

2. Color and Silhouette

Now it is essential to know what our body is like and what silhouettes highlight our best attributes; as well as the color of our complexion and our hair to find the tones that favor us the most. Of course, we all have areas and characteristics that we want to enhance and others that we prefer to camouflage, in the desire to feel comfortable with a specific design and become the perfect guests.

As for color, many stylists say that if it is dark, red is the most flattering shade, as well as other intense colors such as greens, blues, garnets, and violets.

• Do you have brown skin too? Do not lose sight of the nude, the turquoise, the metallic and earth tones.

• If you are blonde and you have a pale complexion, choose shades such as cherry red, sky blue, purple and pink, you will be significantly favored!

• If you have a fair skin and a reddish mane, conserve yourself in green and pastel shades, for example.

3. The Fabric

It is not right to choose a dress with a sumptuous and warm fabric to go to the prom on the beach with more than twenty-five degrees. In the same way, an excessively light and vaporous dress for a cold date on the outside can be another big problem. Less is always more!

4. Cool Head!

There are unwritten rules, but they are not impositions. Are long prom dresses recommended? Yes, but that does not mean that in case you do not feel comfortable with them or do not think that they favor you, you cannot choose a short model. There is plenty of midi evening dresses in a cut that’s right for you. On the other hand, arm yourself with tolerance, because you may not find the first dress that will delight your next appointment. Be reasonably clear what you are looking for, weigh how much you intend to invest in to prom dresses with an open mind and a lot of tranquility. The dress is waiting for you around the corner!

5. Feel comfy, safe and fashionable

If you are a fashionista, you will also enjoy the fun of tweaking with an array of cuts, colors, and current styles. Trending outfits that help you feel and look good. To find the perfect dress, it is right that six weeks in advance visit several boutiques or look in the online catalog to know what details, colors, and styles you would like to shop. The right thing is to flow according to the concept, the location, and even the thematic color if any.

6. One or several colors?

The color of the year 2019 is coral and the ultra-violet or with an intense variety of pink. You can also opt for more romantic tones such as grapes and magenta or more subdued, such as lilac or lavender. However, if you are flustered, the color red conveys a lot of security and passion. More vibrant colors? Gear up for yellow, fuchsia, green, orange, and electric blue.

7. A cut that favors all

You need to look for a cut that favors both low and high, thin and full, and envision the type of silhouette. Especially, if the idea is that all the girls wear the same style of dress. The empire cuts and cut “A” are those that favor different body types.

8. Aligned with the marking contrast?

Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a mermaid prom dress, but do you want to wear the same style or a different one? For example, the attire can be with tulle. Are you ready for this flip?

9. Bring a personal touch

Wrap or convertible dresses can give free rein to each woman’s creativity and be a manifestation of her personality. A lady might want to wear a V-neckline; another could wish for a cross neckline and another to adapt it to wear a halter-neck and all in contrast with the same model!

10. Why buy local?

It is not only more personable to buy prom dresses from a local store like Uniquely Yours, but we will measure to make sure you get the perfect fit. Some will love the sophisticated, others the sensual and a few the romantic, but rest assured that, with the interest and effort of all, you will find the perfect prom dress when you visit us in store.